Photos by Andre Kirsch and Olaf Becker



MONIKA AICHELE is an illustrator and designer educated at the Stuttgart Academie of Fine Arts, Germany.
In Stuttgart Monika studied with Heinz Edelmann.

Her work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, the Society of Publication Designers, the Art Directors Club Germany and many more.
Her inflatable monkey sculptures she created for Stefan Sagmeister and the Six cities festival in scotland got selected as »Best of Show« by 3x3 Magazine. They are currently touring around the world with the »Happy Show«.
Exhibitions of her work have been shown in New York, London, Barcelona, Rom, Hamburg, Venice, Toronto, Naples, Milano, Paris, Shanghai.
Monikas contributes to the New York Times and Frieze Magazine.

Having worked in New York, Barcelona and Berlin she is now based in Munich. She teaches Illustration at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany.


Her studio in Munich:


Monika Aichele at


Gotzingerstr. 52A

81371 Muenchen




In Mainz Aichele runs the Master’s Degree Course Gutenberg Intermedia in 2016.

Illustration Program at the School of design in MAINZ:


---Master 2016 in Mainz
   Illustration, Text, Editorial


This Master Program by Charlotte Schroener, Monika Aichele includes

Yuko Shimizu, Jakob Hinrichs, Jonas Natterer, Philipp Mosetter


---we collect information about illustration and illustrators work process



Monika tought Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nürnberg.




DEAR BOOK full of LOVE - a project I did with my students.

It got awarded by the ADC New York and Germany and by the

Stiftung Buchkunst.





coverart by christoph kienzle




Yuko Shimizu was lecturing at my class in june.

Thanks Yukosan!










Poster by Kai Schmitzer



Summer-Exhibition in Nürnberg at the Academy of Fine Arts.

portrait of monika by andré mezger